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Sarah McPhail


SJA Consultants



Sarah is SJA Consultants Founder, bringing more than 10 years of Sales and Hospitality experience to the forefront.

From a background in Conference and Event Sales within hotels and event venues, Sarah specialises in business development and sales with a focus on providing a bespoke service. At SJA, this personalised approach is based around our ethos that every product and client has a point of difference to celebrate.

During this Covid era, hospitality businesses and venues have had to change the way they develop and maintain sales, none more than small businesses across the Mid-North Coast and greater Australia. Sarah achieved lead generation over this period in both SJA and for other businesses.

Operating SJA since May 2021, Sarah has found that working with proprietors in varied industries has not only broadened our horizons, but developed a wealth of knowledge for providing specialised services.

We’ve had the pleasure to work with bespoke hotel photographers, custom website developers, holistic catering services, specialised transport services and most recently, place design graphic artistry and personalised travel consultants.

Sarah’s experience in relationship management, communication and time management is second to none. She prides herself on the customer experience for the purchasing journey, beginning to end. Sarah is down to earth and has a genuine demeanour; qualities which are so very important to her and her company.

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