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Josie Carin


Josie Carin Naturopath


Josie Carin is a qualified, clinical naturopath with over 20 years experience in natural health and business management. In addition to experience as a natural therapist, Josie has also held leadership positions in large and small organisations in the areas of marketing, business and events management.

As a naturopathy, Josie works primarily in the areas of women's health, stress management, fatigue, anxiety and burnout. Josie has a special interest in migraine and headache disorders, and is often asked to guest present on the topic of natural migraine management on podcasts and workshops.

Additionally, Josie has presented at national conferences on the topic of communications, marketing and event management for non-profits and member associations.

Josie has lived in the Coffs Coast area since 2015, and has also lived and worked in Sydney, Gold Coast and regional NSW.

Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine)
Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Hospitality Management)
Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy

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