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Courtney Nolan

Business + Mindset Coach

Coaching for Women



Heyyy i’m Courtney, a Business + Mindset Coach, working specifically with Women to help them do Business like a Woman! I have a unique blend of skills I draw from to Coach Women, to really understand how their sexuality can help grow their business & do it in a way that honours their feminine side & respects the balance they have with Motherhood.

In what feels like a past life, I was a Police Officer, after having kids I felt I was losing connection to my feminine side and was constantly being swept up doing life in my masculine energy. In 2022 I left the Police Force to create a better life for myself (& my family) by designing a life I love.

Since then, I’ve Coached numerous Women in business to thrive in their chosen industry & really dominate in a way that feels good for them! I have a deep interest in sexuality and how this plays a role in how we show up in life, business, family and for ourselves.

I have a holistic approach to business coaching. I do not review balance sheets and revenue statements, I explore how your business fits into your life & unpack all the ways we can maximise your energy which results in higher revenue, more clients & overall more satisfaction in business.

I’m passionate about Sex Education & see myself delivering Sex Education Workshops - For Adults in the future - if this sounds like something you’re interested in, absolutely send me an email, I'd love to get in touch. The Workshops will be designed around cultivating more pleasure, mindset skills, sex positive attitudes & building healthy intimacy in relationships.

Currently I offer 1:1 Private Coaching specifically tailored to Client’s needs.

The formal stuff:
> Certified Master Practitioner NLP Coach
> Somatic Sex Coach & Yoni Mapping Therapist Student
> Gottman Student
> Business Marketing Degree

If this tickles you & you’re interested in bringing a more magnetic You into your Biz - send me an email or find me on Instagram.


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