Pump Up My Productivity – May Breakfast


Breakfast Presentation

Presented by Sally Foley-Lewis

Would you like to get to the end of your busy day and feel more satisfied with what you’ve achieved? Would you like to achieve more, reduce stress and gain two hours per day?

Then now is the time to pump up your productivity. If you know your productivity is deflated then you could be experiencing increased stress, problems with communication, poor work results and living a work/life imbalance. Ineffective multitasking; stuck in busy rather than achievement; working to everyone else’s urgent and never your important also could be impacting on you having greater productivity, greater happiness, greater success.

Sally will help you

Sally Foley-Lewis is an expert in productive leadership and performance management. She helps dedicated professionals to recognise what’s stopping them from reaching their full potential, and their team’s potential. Sally helps you master your people skills so that you improve productivity for increased profit! She is a professional speaker and dynamic MC, a master facilitator, executive coach, mentor and author. Sally has just released her latest book The Productive Leader: How to achieve more, reduce stress and gain 2 hours per day!

Breakfast tickets – $35


Additional Workshop – Finding Your Flow: Confidence and Self-Leadership

9am to 12 noon

Taking the insights from the breakfast presentation and diving deeper into self-leadership, we’ll explore strategies that boost your self-awareness and confidence, help you sustain boundaries, empower you to speak up, step up and be successful.

Without awareness, skills and focus, results will never reflect your desired level of productivity. It’s time to get deeper INSIGHT into how you spend your time so you can plug the time leaks, stop feeling as though your efforts are invisible, and make instant and powerful changes.

Finding your flow so that you are productive and confident means having clarity, setting boundaries and working on improving your relationships.

The style of this workshop will be a facilitated discussion: expect interactivity and self-assessment. This workshop is for you if you:

  • spend more time looking after others and put yourself last
  • often say yes but wish you said no
  • want to take back control of your day to day, your confidence and reach your potential

Finding Your Flow: Confidence and Self Leadership workshop tickets – $100

Book both Breakfast and workshop tickets – $125

Bonnie Capell

Bonnie Capell