How to be Courageous, Confident and in Control in 2019 with Sharon Chisholm

As we are all settling back into work and our normal routines it can be easy to fall comfortably back into the confines of our comfort zone.

But if you’ve resolved this year to take more chances, push past your self-doubt and want to face 2019 with a positive mindset, then you are going to love our first speaker at the February networking breakfast.

We’ll hear from Sharon Chisholm who will share with us How to be Courageous, Confident and in Control in 2019.

Sharon is a writer, speaker, and award-winning mindset coach, who works with business women all over Australia. She is passionate about empowering women to feel confident and in control, and helping them to find the courage to step out from the shadows and be brave in both life and business.

She’s also a passionate mental health advocate and uses her lived experience to raise awareness and reduce stigma around mental illness. She recently starred in SBS series, “How ‘Mad’ Are You?”, where her stand-up comedy routine was described as “bloody awesome” by Mikey Robins.

When Sharon isn’t working, you’ll find her drinking coffee, watching Netflix, and Googling pictures of Tom Hardy.

Sharon will speak to us about:

Why the voice in your head is lying
Why connection matters
How to push past the self-doubt
Silencing the what-ifs
Confidence check-list

So grab your ticket today and we can’t wait to kick off a fabulous year of BWN events with you for 2019.

Tickets can be purchased here:

Bonnie Capell

Bonnie Capell