Tracy Chapman


Animal Assisted Growth & Learning Australia (AAGALA)



My passion is working with chiAnimal Assisted Therapy & Learning Facilitator, Neurotherapist, Environmental Consultant & Scientist, Counsellor, Humane & adult Educator, busy Mum, Volunteer WIRES Wildlife Rescuer & Rehab Officer, Public Advocate for Kathleen Folbigg, Parelli Natural Horsemanship Devotee, and devoted carer to my rescue animal menagerie.

I hold an undergrad degree in Business and post grad qualifications in animal assisted learning and therapy, counseling, environmental science, adult education and currently working through neuroscience. I am absolutely passionate about lifelong learning & believe if you don't use it you will loose it!

So blessed to be living in the Coffs Coast Hinterland since 2008 on our busy 40+acre sustainable farm - the home of AAGALA and The Bush TuckerBox - a Community based wildlife feed point for regional states of emergency, established post 2019 bushfire season to supplement food for wildlife in times of natural disaster and man made crisis.