Lisa Baxter

Marketing & Events

Lisa Baxter is originally from Gullane, just along the coast from Edinburgh, Scotland. Lisa and her Husband Stephen both moved to Coffs Harbour 9 years ago as Lisa was offered work as a Marine Mammal Specialist. Both Lisa and Stephen fell in love with the Coffs Coast. Lisa has always had a great empathy for animals, growing up her Mum bred German Shepherds and her Aunt bred British Bulldogs. Lisa passionately volunteered from a young age, with the local RSPCA, at her local vet, and at the local aquarium. After finishing High School, Lisa studied Veterinary Nursing then enrolled in a Animal Biology Degree however decided to take a gap year to travel volunteering with animals, first heading to Florida working with a variety of animals rescued from the pet industry and research facilities, from Bears to Wolves, Monkeys to Tigers. She then headed to New Zealand's famous Zion Wildlife Park, with the Lion Man, unfortunately her trip was cut short after being bitten by a Lion cub on both hands which needed surgery and several months of rehabilitation, therefore she flew back home to Scotland. Now with a travel bug Lisa began searching for work overseas, in which she was successful in attainting an apprenticeship as a Marine Mammal Specialist in Mexico, she packed her bags and moved to Mexico where she learned the husbandry, rescue, rehabilitation and care of, Seals, Sea Lions, Whales, Dolphins and Turtles. Lisa stayed there for just over three years. After landing back in Scotland, she got off the plane and went straight to the local Pub and met Stephen and they have been together ever since. Since living on the Coffs Coast Lisa has volunteered with Wires, rehabilitating mainly bats. She was also the Chairperson for 1 year. When Lisa ended her employment as a Marine Mammal Specialist, she then decided to take a change in career and went to The Grooming School Australia to learn to be a Dog Groomer, Lisa worked for Pet Stock, then rented the salon from Petstock starting her own business. Only a year later Lisa and Stephen created the vision of Maggie's and opened Australia's only Indoor Dog Cafe serving both Dogs and their adoring owners, as well as a retail store, dog grooming salon, and doggy day care. Lisa and Stephen have since been featured by Qantas Tourism, Better Homes and Gardens and Lisa starred in Rebel Wilson's Pooch Perfect. Maggie's was also voted Australia's most Dog Friendly Cafe in 2020. Maggie's has now been open for 4.5 years and has grown throughout those years, now with 13 staff members, manufacturing their own range of natural treats, shampoos , skin care and specialising in Pet Nutrition and Holistic health. Lisa's exposure to so many pets of the Coffs Coast made her realise how sick our pets are, with many of her clients suffering from constant ear infections, obesity, pancreatitis, cancer, and the list goes on, therefore Lisa decided to study Canine Nutrition alongside her employee Eden. Lisa had a deep understanding of Nutrition from all her years working with so many animal species, all of which needed their own specialised diet, therefore it made no sense to Lisa as to why we were feeding our pets highly processed kibble diets made with mainly rice, corn and rendered meats. Lisa no longer does any haircuts but specialises in Pet Nutrition and running the business. Their second store will be opening next June in Port Macquarie.