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Lisa Baxter


Lisa Baxter is originally from Gullane, just along the coast from Edinburgh, Scotland. Lisa and her Husband Stephen both moved to Coffs Harbour in 2011.

Lisa has an exciting history in the field of animal care, from having been successful as a Marine Mammal Specialist in Mexico, to caring for Exotic Species in the UK, USA & New Zealand, then onto Marine Mammal rescue and rehabilitation in Australia, winning awards and featuring on reality tv series ‘Rebel Wilson's Pooch Perfect’ as a Pet Stylist, and then finally finding her true passion after becoming a certified Pet Nutritionist, in educating owners on holistic nutrition and care for pets.

Lisa and Stephen opened Maggie’s Dog Café in Moonee Beach in 2016, where Lisa managed a successful grooming salon, and Stephen provided owners and their pooches with a unique indoor café experience, Lisa and Stephen sold the cafe and salon in March 2022 and over time, the Maggie’s business evolved to the product it is today, a boutique retail store offering thoroughly researched and carefully selected products for your pets, handpicked by the small team behind the scenes, to offer you a service and product that exceeds your expectations. Maggie’s encompasses a pet wellness hub, where owners such as you can trust that everything we sell we would never hesitate to provide, use or offer our own dogs. We also manufacture our own range of Pet Treats and Organic Pet Care as well as offer Pet Nutrition Consultations and complimentary local delivery for our retail products, you can book / shop online at

French Bulldogs, Maggie and Dougie, are the iconic duo serving as the driving force behind the brand. Stephen and Lisa’s fierce love for their dogs is all the motivation they need to continue the business, and to help fellow passionate pet owners to do the very best by their four-legged family members. Lisa also volunteers for WIRES, rehabilitating wildlife, focusing on flying foxes & microbats.

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