Belinda Brown

Vice President

Belinda holds a professional degree in Business/Marketing and upon graduating in 2008, she was headhunted for a graduate position in London. This marketing position allowed Belinda to work, learn, travel the world and follow her dreams abroad.
Coming back to Australia in 2012, Belinda continued to upskill her qualifications due to the ever-changing world of marketing and business. She completed formal qualifications in Nutrition, business management, SEO and digital marketing. During her spare time, she also managed to have two beautiful children Kalani and Mia.
Combining her passions of health, wellness, and business, Belinda bought her vision to life, creating The Physio Movement (TPM) which is based in North Queensland. From humble beginnings in 2015, TPM has had exponential growth and now employs 18 medical professionals and continues to set the highest quality in allied health care.
With a strong passion for supporting and inspiring Women in Business, Belinda decided to join the BWN committee to help connect and educate women of the region after relocating to the Coffs Harbour coast in 2019.